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Contact Guidelines

    The forms we provide on our website makes it painless and effortless to contact us. However, you may want to know what to write to us and may want to know what is necessary in contacting us. It should be noted that despite our encryption methods and proper security precautions, you as the sender of any form of message shouldn't send personal details that are not necessary, such as financial information, social security information, personal documents (other than a resume), and much more, and, in sending CER Group NA any message regardless of what documents, media, or text you provide, that you, the sender, agree to take full responsibility of what you send to CER Group NA by contacting CER Group, and that CER Group NA will take no responsibility for any documents, text, or media exchanged through this website, and that you, the sender, agree to letting CER Group NA use these documents, forms of media, or text in any such way. So, needless to say, do not send us anything we don't intend on seeing, such as passwords, private information, and whatnot.

    You can contact us for virtually any purpose, but we'll talk about the big ones, here. If you wish to send us your resume, you must follow these exact rules:

 1. Please write out your full name and any other information clearly and double check for typos
 2. Select a Job from the list and provide a resume accordingly, if a job you request isn't listed as the proper name, provide a resume anyhow
 3. Be sure to have prepared to be contacted by our HR team after contacting us for a job, we'll be using the information you send us!
 4. Don't be afraid to tell us a bit about you, just be sure to keep it strictly business related. No soliciting or personal messages will be tolerated, these messages will be ignored.
 5. If you were refered by someone, please mention it!

  Along with other social guidelines and those listed in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, these steps are a good core for proper message etiquette when sending us your information for a job. Be prepared for contact for your new job!

    In sending us a project message or a contact ticket, you must fill in the appropriate text boxes with proper information. Keep messages strictly confidential and appropriate for said topic. Send us quantities and project details so we may better tailor your experience and provide necessary resources for your endeavors. Do ensure that you follow similar rules to those listed in the resume section, no personal details are to be accepted and any message you or your company sends are directly your responsibility and CER Group will do with messages what they will.